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doctor preparing a vaccine injection

Receiving the Vaccine

In America, confirmed cases of COVID-19 have reached 25% of the global number. Although quite alarming, news of the vaccine becoming more readily available has begun to ease the minds of American citizens.

Out of the 180,646,456 doses that have been delivered to the United States, 143,462,691 have been administered, a ratio of 75 percent. States like New Mexico have provided examples of how vaccines can be administered equitably and expeditiously. Out of the 1,337,435 doses allotted to the state, 1,224,826 have been administered, a ratio of 92%.

Some vaccines, such as those created by BioNTech or Pfizer, require two doses. After your first dose, you must wait a certain number of days to receive the second dose. Once the second dose has been administered, it takes two weeks until you are “fully protected.”

Although the vaccine is now available, it is not the cure-all for COVID-19. Four out of 8,121 workers at the University of Texas and seven out of 14,990 at UC San Diego tested positive after receiving both doses.

While it is rare to contract COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine, it is still encouraged to follow CDC guidelines. Wear mask and practice social distancing in public or around people outside of your household.